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About Us

Guidance from Within Coaching works with women 50 years and older who are seeking to live their lives from the infinite possibilities perspective, embracing their wholeness & magnificent self! The sad truth is that most women, but especially women who have lived their lives as many other things to many other people, (wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, and more) live with the misconceptions that they are not worthy of great success, power, dreams or goals. Or, that to even consider doing so is somehow being selfish or greedy. Guidance from Within Coaching guides you to uncover, acknowledge and overcome those limiting beliefs and any others that are currently holding you back from being the empowered woman you deserve to be. Free from fears or doubts that might be stopping you from living your life with Unlimited possibilities! Isn't it time you begin to live from an Unlimited perspective? We think so! Guidance from Within Coaching is here to help!

Our Solutions to Barrier Breakthroughs!

We believe our only limiting beliefs are the ones we have come to accept but you no longer need to accept those things that are holding you back from living your most magnificent Unlimited life!

Hypnosis & Visualization Coaching

We offer over 10 years experience in the field of Hypnosis. We work with techniques designed to smash down roadblocks, limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Our sessions are designed to empower you to soar to heights you never thought possible!

Conversational Empowerment

Our world is filled with conversations and conversations literally create worlds! We open up whole new ways of communicating so that you can build new, empowering, co-created worlds with others! Improve relationships: partnerships, co-workers, spouses, children, friends, parents and more! Most importantly learn to create powerful ways of communicating with yourself to emit profound change within you and around you.

Life Script Workshops

The beauty of life is that we get to write the script! For the most part at least. Each of us has a Life Script that we've been following since birth. Some of it is integral to our life and behaviors but there is much we can edit to elicit a more empowering, joyful and fulfilling life! We provide workshops that teach you how to re-write your life script in those areas you would like to change and improve upon. Our workshops promote change work within you that allow you to develop impressive progress immediately.

Contact Info

I'd love for you to contact me to learn more about the services I offer or just to ask a question or say "hi. I love meeting new people and helping them to rise above and beyond their current vision for themselves. If you would like to learn more about how we can work together to take your life to ├┐our next beautiful heights, please reach out to me and let's make magic happen!

127 Shady Grove, Nepean, ON, Canada