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" from stuck to soaring - it takes only one decision to make all the difference in your life"

Guidance from Within offers Life Architect Coaching and Experi-Mentor guidance to individuals seeking to expand their life experiences through the exploration of self-discovery, self-design and self-expansion. Utilizing various modalities including Release Journaling, MINDSCAPING, Energy-based modalities such as Feng Shui, Mayan and Moon Phase planning and the power revealed through artistic expansion using Mandalas, clients are moved from feeling stuck to expanding their boundaries and spreading their metaphorical wings to soar to heights they may never have believed possible.

My Story in Brief

In 2016, I sat in my home office and realized I was not as content with my life as I led people to believe. I had several unrealized goals that stretched back to the mid-1990’s – like having a story published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book – something I’d coveted doing from the moment the books made their debut.  


I’d seen all of two States – New York and California – and I harbored a secret crush on those friends who could list off visiting more than 8 or 10 States in those Facebook quizzes you sometimes see shared.  I yearned to visit far off places like Costa Rica, Europe, even Japan!  Yet, here I sat that beautiful August morning, reviewing where I was in life, what I’d accomplished and weighing it all against what I had yet to do, see and experience!  And, my heart quivered as it sunk with the realization that I’d wasted SO much time!


You see, I had just turned 60 that March and as I sat in reflection that morning, I recalled a day 30 years earlier when I’d been filled with the excitement to realize I had 30 whole years ahead of me to do all kinds of amazing things.  I was a goal-setter, a go-getter and a full on Type-A personality and from the age of 17 to 39 I’d accomplished a large number of goals that I’d set out to achieve.  I recognized that in 30+ years a whole lot can happen!  When I was 30 I was so excited to take on everything I envisioned possible for myself and my life. 



Then, on a crisp fall afternoon in, 1993 as my family and I headed out for a drive our car was hit from behind.  The impact was low but the way in which my body reacted to the unexpected jolt resulted in over 2 decades of struggling to

regain my life as I battled against the ravages of something called Fibromyalgia!  That first decade after the accident shattered my spirit, accosted my soul and began to erode my confidence to ever be the person I had been prior to it.  I had short-term memory issues, constant, debilitating pain throughout my body, light sensitivity, migraines, numbness and tingling in my extremities if I stood too long, sat too long or walked too much.   Fatigue forced me to lie down far too often, sleep way too much and miss out on life events too frequently.  But, the most difficult thing?  Was how others saw me.  How they struggled to understand why I suddenly had no energy, was in pain all the time, couldn’t recall names or even remember what I’d just been talking about with them.  And I began to believe the Doctors who told me this was all in my head! 



But, this site & how I now work with clients is testament to what is possible when you don’t give up on YOU or on your dreams of who you truly choose to be!  All the work I’ve undertaken for myself to bring me to where I am today has served me well and I am grateful for every moment’s lesson.  All that I have discovered, explored, experimented with and embodied  is now also embodied here within my site and in the work I now share with others.  I’m honored to act as a  guide to others  who are on their own journey, who are experiencing their own struggles and coming to their own realizations that life is moving so quickly and TODAY is the best day yet to make a decision, reach a definite conclusion, to step INTO the  experiences you truly desire to embody, embrace and exude!  


Welcome!  We are now ready to meet & work together because YOU are here and I don’t believe in accidents! Your journey to experience your next amazing step toward your next incredible path’s journey is now here!



My Core Work

Our journey from childhood to adulthood can be a tricky one to maneuver, particularly since we have so many influences during that period of time.  From birth to adulthood we are influenced first by our primary caregiver which is often a mother figure, then our influencer reverts to a father figure, then on to adults outside our familial environs such as teachers or neighbours.  As we enter teen-hood we are more influenced by our peers and as we enter adulthood, influencers include co-workers, relationship partners and others.  Through all this journey, we are unconsciously adopting various habits, attitudes and reactions to life around us including how we react to stress, anxiety, loss, hardship and things like financial strain and doing so from those around us.  It’s no wonder then, that sometimes we find ourselves acting or reacting in ways that feel less like us and more like others.  Release Journaling is a method that helps us peel back the onion on who we are.  Investigate what we’ve taken on and helps us shed that which we no longer desire to carry  or dwell on.  Almost every client begins here because this work is that important to your growth ahead.

Through a unique and powerful technique known as MINDSCAPING, you have the opportunity to view your past, present and future in a unique but powerful way, through the lense of a multidimensional visual experience of MINDSCAPING!  The opportunity to create a richly woven landscape that encourages transformation in your present situation while also planting seeds that foster growth, transformation and change in your future.    MINDSCAPING is all about you and your Metaphorical Symbology –  the way you view your world through the power of metaphorical symbols, (landscapes that include  elements such as mountains, roads, pathways and more), all have particular significance to you in ways that are meaningful to your unconscious and to your life. Your personal mapping  experience fosters growth, expansion and success in your life in a way that is perfect just for you.  This is no one else’s journey but yours.  MINDSCAPING is a powerful way to change your direction in life & experience growth, resolve conflict, smooth rocky stretches and break through those things that may have been holding you back! And an added bonus of a MINDSCAPING session is how relaxed, focused and clear you may find yourself afterward!

 ENERGETICS allows each of us to shape, transform and expand our lives through the ability we all hold to work with and manage our Energetic selves in a way in which we are, as often as possible, honoring our vibrational states.    My Energetics programs are designed to honor you at the space from where you are joining us, meaning, no matter where you are in your journey of growth, you are now here to take your next steps.  Many of my clients need assistance managing their environs – their home, office or space where they spend a lot of their time.  For them, I offer a taste of Intuitive Feng Shui which is often the most important step in their Energetics journey with me.  I often pair that with self-energetic management for those requiring assistance with feelings of stress, overwhelm or anxiousness.  In this area I also call on Experts in key areas of experience for clients who are interested in more indepth management techniques as well as deeper exploration.  Clients who achieve Energetic Management experience discover an entirely calmer, more effective way of walking through their day with power, zenfulness and more energy and gratitude for life and living. 

What Clients Are Saying

Experience A Transformation

Benefit from Release Journaling

This method of  journaling is designed to assist you in  releasing from emotionally based events, experiences including loss, hurts and the desire forgive or be forgiven.  This self-paced lesson provides you with a private and gentle way to discharge emotionally charged experiences through the utilization of the automatic ideomotor response we call handwriting.  Powerful in its simplicity, effective in its results.  Use Release Journaling as frequently as needed to gain freedom from those things no longer serving or benefitting you. Download your PDF Guidebook below.

This self-paced introductory to Feng Shui is designed to explain what Feng Shui is, how it works and how it can benefit you in improving your life, your emotions and your ability to manage stress more easily.  This introductory program shares with you some key strategies in beginning with Feng Shui and experiencing the benefits of a more balanced Chi energy within your personal space.  Remember, we are all Energy and how we surround ourselves with it is just as important as how we personally experience it within us.

Improving your Life with Feng Shui

Mindscaping: Mapping Your Road Ahead

MINDSCAPING is a uniquely beneficial technique designed to assist you in visualizing your personal “road map” as it relates to a present situation, challenge or decision you need to make.  This technique has brought profound changes to many of my clients – improving relationships, moving beyond feeling stuck, making decisions more confidently related to life-altering events, breaking free of procrastination, fear and doubt, and much more!  MINDSCAPING is one of the most powerful techniques (apart from Release Journaling & Intuitive Feng Shui), that I  share.

For those of you interested in expanding your Message or diving into Authoring for the first time, I have an opportunity to share wit you!  My Publishing Firm, Cinnamon Tree Press is seeking 25 Authors interested in sharing their personal stories about Manifesting! My series of Books, Manifested Blessings, will offer you a unique level of exposure through a uniquely trackable printed book, as well as via  mobile app, Social Media, Podcast and Website.  Authors also receive 100 copies of the book their story appears in which can be sold for the cover price of $6.99 each,  or can be used as promotional giveaways if you choose.   Additional titles coming up are listed on the Publishing Website.  Learn more through the button to your right.

Collaborative Journeys: Call for Authors

Play Video

Click above to view video highlights from a Leadership Retreat in Costa Rica attended by myself and 12 other amazing Canadian women (and 4 incredible men from the US).  Then, imagine yourself experiencing similar opportunities because it is IN YOU to receive and together we can explore all the possibilities that exist for you!

Embrace each day

Your greatest Life is within you

Your life is waiting for you to IGNITE your passion!  To set the beating of your heart more rapidly as you think of the possibilities that exist for you! Don't wait for the "perfect" time to step forward into the life you desire. Step into it NOW, as messy, confusing & uncertain as the future might feel...LET GO and  choose to embrace it all because it is from that very perspective that you are able to gauge how far you have come from how far you have gone! Step INTO the life and the actions, the beliefs and the joys that YOU yearn to experience every single day.  They aren't going to show up in your life without being invited, so INVITE them in.  Then, embrace the experiences as they pour forth and raise you HIGHER! I'm an Experi-Mentor, a Life Enhancement Junkie and I can make you one, too if that is your desire!   I am ready to walk with you on your Journey if you're ready to EXPAND your horizons and step both feet full into saying YES! Book your choice of sessions with me, from a powerful MINDSCAPE to preparing your space to support you energetically within your powerful YEAR ahead.  I look forward to meeting you, soon! 

“All things begin within and that which you align with most  comes forth easily”

Judith Richardson Schroeder
SubConscious Behaviorist, Life Architect Coach, Author, Speaker, life Experi-Mentor

Judith has taken much of her life’s experiences and molded the lessons into actionable steps she shares with clients who seek support through some of life’s challenging moments. 

She has achieved many of the dreams she’s had and continues to look toward the next greatest moments in life.  

The key to finding an effective Mentor and Coach not only depends on calibre of training but requires the ability to marry  theoretical with practical and verifiable life experiences that draw upon a supportive and actionable level of solutions that are  demonstrated and  proven to work!

Judith makes a point of stepping into her role with every client from the position of supporter, not there to hand out the answers but rather available to take every step of the journey with her client, letting them know she’s beside them should they need to lean on her for a few steps of their journey. Her approaches are based on real world experience and a gentle  intuitive  and Spiritual level of Inner guidance.  Her gentle approach to transformation puts clients at ease and it is from there that they begin to gravitate toward their Higher level of being!

Judith is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy specializing in Transpersonal Counseling and Ministerial Designation to help bring another layer of valuable support to her clients.

She is also preparing to take part in the filming of a Documentary in Summer 2019 and will also be expanding her teachings to reach a wider audience.

She is proud and honored to be one of the Founding  Partners of the Unlimited Woman’s Alliance and also holds the position of Director of Community Outreach for the Alliance.  

She is currently busy  preparing to launch the first of a series of unique Trackabook titles through her Publishing Firm, Cinnamon Tree Press in Spring and Summer of 2019.

What a difference a mindset shift can make!


Are you boldy calling in your HIGHEST life or are you simply waiting for it to show up? If you’re tired of waiting, I invite you to join me as I share my experiences and insights for creating the life you KNOW you are open to enjoy and you are ready to receive!

Experience Transformation
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